At Stephens Seed and Supply, we understand that time is money on projects.  We are more than just a supply house.  With over 10 years of experience in Middle Tennessee, Stephens Seed and Supply has the quality and competitively priced products and established partnerships to solve your project challenges.

Our commitment to customer service is placed in everything we do.

Erosion Control Products are an essential part of any soil stabilization, reinforcement, or restoration project.  Stephens Seed & Supply can provide you with the latest in Erosion Control, using advanced technology in the industry for flood protection and other critical erosion control applications.

  • Erosion Blankets
  • Straw
  • Excelsior
  • Coconut
  • Turf Reinforcement Mat
  • Jute and Coir Mats
  • Grass Seed
  • TDOT
  • Turf Grass Mixtures
  • Blending
  • Native Grass
  • Wildflowers

Sediment Control is a necessity for any project, job site, or work location where soil or natural vegetation has been disturbed, moved or cleared. Since these areas are most at risk of pollution due to sediment runoff, erosion and sediment control products are frequently implemented to contain and filter silt. With items like erosion control wattles, logs, silt checks, and dewatering bags, contractors are able to effectively control runoff and keep sites in compliance.

  • Silk fence
  • Commercial
  • TDOT
  • Commercial Wire and Fabric
  • Inlet protection
  • Dandybags
  • Durawattle
  • Filter sock
  • Straw Wattles
  • Excelsior Logs
  • Coir Logs

Stephens Seed and Supply provides a range of Stormwater products for detention and/or infiltration of runoff, filtration of runoff for water quality improvements, permeable and porous pavements for runoff reduction, as well as basic drainage products like pipe and surface drains, designed to help minimize the effects of flooding and protect our waterway by preventing silt and sediment runoff from construction and land development sites.

At Stephens Seed and Supply, Inc. we provide our customers with quality products that meet or exceed the project specifications. We supply geosynthetics manufactured by the leading geosynthetic companies in the United States. When ordering from us,  you can be guaranteed that we stand behind the products we supply and that you will obtain a fair and competitive price. We also supply certificates of compliance and supporting documentation per your project requirements.

  • Woven geotextiles
  • non-woven geotextiles
  • high strength geo
  • Geocells
  • Clay liner

Stephens Seed and Supply, Inc. is proud to partner with FiNN Equipment in providing equipment rental to contractors. Renting is the perfect way to experience the versatility and job-finishing efficiency of these great FiNN machines.  Contact us today for rates and availability.

  • Bark & Mulch Blowers BB302
  • Strawblowers BB40 & BB70
  • Hydroseeders T60 & T75
  • More



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